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High-value Cargo

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Sepio’s Secure Logi Seal is a robust high-quality pull-tight polypropylene security seal equipped with a long tail and a wide flag. The wide flag provides sufficient space to customize the seals with company name and logo printing besides serial numbers and other security identifiers. Secure Logi Pull Tight Strap Seals are made from high-strength polypropylene using ultrasonic welding technology, which make the seal impossible to cut or pulled open without leaving visible evidence of attempted seal violation or tampering. These premium High Security Strap Seals find widespread use in diverse industries like transportation and logistics and e-commerce to seal boxes, bags, and doors of trucks.




10,000 PCS




Open seals are made of thin metal and have a smooth surface. Open seals are typically used with polypropylene straps.
Closed seals are also made of metal but have a serrated edge. This edge helps to grip the strap more tightly, making it more secure. High Security Strap Seals are typically used with steel straps.
Serrated seals are a type of closed seal that has a particularly aggressive serrated edge. This edge provides even more grip than standard Pull Tight Seals, making it ideal for high-security applications.

Reusable seals can be opened and closed multiple times, making them ideal for shipping applications where the contents may need to be accessed multiple times.

Tamper-evident seals are designed to make it difficult or impossible to open the seal without damaging it. They are ideal for varied uses where security is apprehension.

Waterproof seals are designed to protect the contents of a package from water damage. These seals are made of a water-resistant material, such as plastic or rubber.


Advanced tamper-evident design incorporating a plastic seal with a metal insert

Customization is possible with inkjet printing/ laser engraving of company/brand name or logo, serial numbers, bar code, etc.

Easy pull-up made possible with smooth insertion of the tail

Wide flag permits pasting of pre-printed labels containing logistics information

Highly versatile design allows use in various applications

Highly durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and physical stress

High-strength strap seal made with virgin materials

The strap can be adjusted to various size requirements

Enhanced security provided by ultrasonically welded metal lock


Logistics and Transportation



Retail and E-commerce

Energy and Oil Industry

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Banking and Financial Services

Chemical and Hazardous Materials

Food and Beverage


Secure Logi Seals can meet various requirements depending on the specific international security standard followed. Many strap seals are compliant with ISO 17712, an international standard that outlines the requirements for mechanical seals used in container security. Other international security standards and regulations may apply, like the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the World Customs Organization's Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (SAFE Framework).
The regulations and laws governing the use of High Security Strap Seals vary by country and region. Some common regulations or laws that govern the use of pull-tight seals include ISO 17712 standards include the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Some environmental considerations of using pull-tight strap seals include the material, disposal at the end of their useful life, use of chemicals to improve durability, the carbon footprint of transport vehicles, and sustainability. Choosing environmentally-friendly options can help reduce the impact on the environment.
Some best practices to ensure the effectiveness of secure pull-tight strap seals include selecting high-quality, tamper-evident, and durable seals, using unique identification numbers to enhance traceability and deter counterfeiting, documenting seal information, date of application, the persons responsible for fixing and opening the seals to establish an audit trail, applying the seal properly by following the manufacturer’s instructions, inspecting and verifying the integrity of the seals, and establishing a procedure for reporting seal tampering. It is also important to train employees in the application, inspection, and removal of Secure Logi Strap Seal, storing them securely, limiting access to only authorized personnel, and conducting regular audits to review the effectiveness and evaluate adherence to protocols. Staying informed about the latest advancements in strap seal technology, industry best practices, and security regulations and periodically reviewing and updating security procedures to address evolving threats and maintain the highest level of security is vital.
Secure Logi Seals offer greater resistance to tampering or unauthorized access. The High Security Strap Seals are designed to withstand various environmental conditions and rough handling during transportation. Logi Seals are designed to provide visible evidence of tampering or unauthorized access attempts. They are versatile and can secure a wide range of items, including shipping containers, bags, cash boxes, etc. Their adjustable strap length allows for the secure sealing of items of various sizes.
Secure Logi seals should be stored in their original packaging or in a sealed container in a clean, dry, and cool area to prevent rust, corrosion, or damage to the seals. The storage area should be free from exposure to direct sunlight, heat, or humidity. Secure Logi Seals should be handled carefully to prevent damage to their surface or locking mechanism. When applying the seals, care must be taken to ensure that the strap is inserted correctly and tightened securely.
Secure Logi seals are intended for one-time use only. Once a pull-tight seal has been secured, it cannot be removed without breaking it, which renders it unusable. The cost of the seals can vary depending on the material, size, and quantity purchased. Typically, the cost of the pull-tight strap seal is negligible compared to the value of the items secured.
Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for these seals. This may include printing unique identification numbers, barcodes, company logos, or other information on the seal to enhance traceability and brand recognition.
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