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Established in the year 2021, Sepio Australia is a leading provider of innovative integrated security solutions to various industries. With our unrivaled expertise in tamper-evident high security seals and cutting-edge security technologies, we offer you the peace of mind you deserve.


Strap Seals

Strap seals are tamper-evident security devices for securing containers, packages, or bags.

Meter Seals

Meter seals are used to seal or lock utility meters, such as electricity, gas, or water meters.

Bolt Seals

Bolt seals are security devices to secure shipping containers and truck trailers to prevent...

Electronic Seals

An electronic or E-seal is a lock pertaining electronic signature to enclose a sensitive object...

Padlock Seal

A Padlock seal is made of two portions one of high-quality plastic that is printed with code...

Customizable Biodegradable Seals

We also offer customizable biodegradable seals to support sustainability efforts.

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Welcome To Sepioaustralia

Who are we and what have we done?

Sepio Australia is a leading provider of innovative integrated security solutions to various industries. With our unrivaled expertise in tamper-evident high security seals and cutting-edge security technologies, we offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

Sepio Products Making the world a better place, one security seal at a time!

Experience and Expertise

Excellent command over the security seals and track-and-trace domains

Cost Competitiveness

Optimal balance between quality and affordability to ensure customers receive the best value products and solutions


Sterling credentials and market reputation

Why Choose Us

Uncompromising Protection

Our tamper-evident seals are designed to provide a robust shield against unauthorized access and tampering. Whether you need to secure high-value merchandise, cash, or sensitive documents, our seals are engineered to withstand even the most sophisticated intrusion attempts.

Tailored Solutions

At Sepio, we understand each client’s unique security requirements for Customizations & Biodegradable products. That’s the reason we offer solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our team of experts will assess your vulnerabilities and design a security plan that addresses every aspect, ensuring maximum protection.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We stay at the forefront of security innovation to deliver the most advanced solutions available. Our integrated security systems incorporate cutting-edge technology, including real-time monitoring using advanced track and trace solutions for complete visibility and control over your assets.

Reliability and Trust

Sepio is a trusted name in the security industry. Our impeccable track record and countless satisfied clients testify to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. When you partner with us, you can be confident of your security.

Careers at Sepio Australia

Sepio is the market leader in providing tamper evident security seals to industry. Our focus on technology is disrupting physical security seals to create digital seals that combine track and trace capabilities with physical security features.

Do you want to grow by disrupting the way supply chains function? Do you see yourself thriving under our core values and culture?

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How It Works and Benefits

Security Strap Seals: What Is It?

Security strap seals, also known as tamper-evident seals, or security seal for protection, are devices used to secure and protect goods or containers from unauthorized access, tampering, or theft. These seals are commonly used in various industries, including transportation, logistics, shipping, and manufacturing.

Strap seals are commonly used in various industries to secure and seal containers, packages, and other items. Sepio Australia, a leading Seal Manufacturer offers several different types of strap seals including Plastic Security Seals such as Plastic strap seals, Plastic band seals, Metal strap seals, Metal band seals, Twister seals, Bolt seals, Cable seals, and Padlock seals.

Strap seals offer numerous benefits to businesses; such as, enhanced security, tamper-evident protection by Tamper Evident Seals, verification and authentication, compliance with regulations, supply chain transparency, brand protection, and legal documentation.

Track-and-trace solutions refer to systems and technologies used to track and trace the movement of goods and assets throughout the supply chain or in various industries. These solutions provide real-time visibility and transparency, enabling businesses to monitor and manage their operations effectively. Some of the solutions provided by us are Product Authentication, Product Traceability and Consumer Engagement. They play a crucial role in improving efficiency, ensuring compliance, and enhancing overall supply chain management system.

Track-and-trace solutions, integral to Supply Chain Management Software, essentially work by using various technologies to capture tracking data, storing it, transmitting it periodically or in real time, accessing, retrieving, and analyzing it to track the product’s journey in the supply chain from the point of origin to the final destination and verifying it has not deviated from its planned route, been tampered with, or pilfered, or contaminated in any way.

A Track and Trace System offers numerous benefits for businesses across various industries. Some key advantages are improved supply chain visibility, enhanced product safety and quality, counterfeit prevention, inventory management, efficient recall management, regulatory compliance, improved customer engagement, efficiency and cost savings.


Sepio Australia is a leading Security Seal manufacturer serving a wide range of industries that require tamper-evident solutions to protect their assets and ensure the integrity of their products or containers. Some of the industries that commonly use security seals include Transportation and Logistics, Retail and E-commerce, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Government and Defense, Banking and Financial Services, Food and Beverage.
Security seals offer several benefits to industries by enhancing security, preventing theft, ensuring regulatory compliance, protecting brand reputation, supporting insurance claims, and improving operational efficiency. By implementing appropriate seal solutions, industries can mitigate risks, safeguard assets, and maintain the integrity of their products throughout the supply chain.
Strap seals are commonly used in logistics, shipping, and transportation industries to secure cargo containers and prevent tampering. The specific standards and regulations regarding strap seals may vary depending on the industry, region, and purpose of use. It is important to consult the relevant authorities and organizations in your specific industry or country to ensure compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
The cost of implementing track and trace solutions can vary depending on various factors such as the size and complexity of the project, the specific requirements of the business, the technology involved, and the vendor chosen. The cost of implementing track and trace system can include software and hardware, customization and integration, infrastructure, training and implementation, and ongoing maintenance and support.
To determine if a strap seal has been tampered with, you can look for the following signs: physical damage, broken or missing seal, misalignment, residue or signs of adhesive, altered or mismatched serial numbers or markings, tampered security features such as holograms, UV markings, or other tamper-evident mechanisms.
Strap seals are single-use items. Once they have been applied and secured, they are intended to provide tamper-evident protection until they are removed. However, their actual lifespan can vary depending on the specific circumstances. It is recommended to regularly inspect the strap seals and replace them as needed to ensure the security of your cargo or containers.

What People Say about Us

Sepio Australia's security seals provided the peace of mind we needed for our logistics operations. Their tamper-evident features ensured that our products were protected during transit, and their customizable options allowed us to align with our sustainability goals. Highly recommend!


We've been using Sepio Australia's security seals for years now, and they've never disappointed. Their commitment to quality and reliability is unmatched. With their biodegradable options, we're not just securing our assets but also contributing to a greener future. Great job, Sepio!


Impressed with Sepio Australia's range of security solutions. Their strap seals have been instrumental in safeguarding our shipments, and their track-and-trace technology has given us full visibility over our supply chain. A trustworthy partner indeed!


Sepio Australia has been instrumental in enhancing the security of our manufacturing facility. Their bolt seals provided the level of protection we needed for our containers, and their state-of-the-art technology ensured that we could monitor our assets in real-time. Couldn't ask for more!


Kudos to Sepio Australia for their exceptional customer service and top-notch products. Their electronic seals have been a game-changer for us, offering both security and convenience. With their expert team guiding us every step of the way, we feel confident in our security measures. Highly recommended!


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