Safeteu is Sepio’s patented bolt RFID seal for securing and tracking the movement of containers. The product brings the best physical security associated with a robust tamper-evident bolt seal and the digital tracking made possible by RFID tags read by a UHF RFID static gateway reader or a portable RFID reader. The advantage of using e-seals is the reading accuracy is much superior, and the errors associated with manually tracking and monitoring containers are minimized. The time taken to read and record the information provided by Bolt Seals for Containers is also much less. RFID bolt e-seals enable real-time visibility, enhance security, and provide valuable data for supply chain management and logistics operations. A sophisticated track-and-trace cloud platform connects all the ISO-17712 certified High-security Container Bolt E Seals globally, resulting in streamlined operations, easy claims management, and reduced losses.

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